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Super Trucks at

Highland Rim




      Thanks to Bill Ragan and Jimmy Chandler, Austin

      will be driving Super Trucks this year at Highland

      Rim Speedway.




      The former Nashville Kart Racing Champion will

      get to try his hand in full size trucks this year on the

      historic quarter mile track north of Nashville. The

      super trucks will run every other weekend with the

      limited late model cars.


      Austin will be teamed with Tommy Climer from

      Murfreesboro. The Climer family has been a part of

      Nashville area racing for more then 50 years.






Franklin, TN


Latest News


May 29, 2010

Strong Finish

Austin missed a few races due to the severe weather that Nashville experienced over the last several weeks. He was able to climb back in the truck for the May 29th race and did very well for his second time in a super truck race. He qualified 8th out of 10 trucks and finished 5th while avoiding two incidents on the track.


April 17, 2010

First Truck Race

Austin entered his first truck race Saturday with mixed results. During practice, the truck got loose coming out of turn 2 and Austin had to chase it up the track and kissed the outside wall. The crew did their best to fix the bent lower right A-arm, and Austin was able to race. Once we got he truck in the shop, we found the steering column supports were very loose which resulted in poor steering input. Everything has been fixed and we're ready to go racing in two weeks.






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